We help you multiply your wealth.

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    About the Company

    Badu Enterprises, LLC is a multinational conglomerate in the finance industry. We provide a suite of financial services including, but not limit to, tax preparation, financial coaching, life insurance consulting, entity formation, and credit repair. Our purpose is to inspire and support the super hungry to take hold of infinite resources in order to create an abundant lifestyle.


    Below are the services we offer.

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    Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, & Tax Representation

    Badu Tax Services, LLC is a tax firm that offers a comprehensive set of tax services including tax preparation, tax planning, and tax representation. Whether you're an individual with a fairly simple tax situation or a business owner that requires more in-depth analysis, we can help you maximize your tax savings and minimize your tax liability. The firm's mission is to help you maximize your financial security.

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    Badu Investments, LLC is a real estate investment company that acquires residential and commercial rental real estate properties in areas such as the South Side of Chicago in efforts to restore traditionally underserved areas.

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    Life & Health Insurance

    Badu Life and Health Solutions, LLC is a company that provides life insurance solutions to individuals, families, and businesses.

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    Badu Bookkeeping, LLC is a bookkeeping company that helps you get your finances organized and your books in order. We offer full-service bookkeeping.

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    Financial Coaching

    Badu Financial Fitness, LLC is a financial coaching company that helps individuals get into better financial shape. We offer a comprehensive financial coaching program that covers topics including budget, saving, investing, taxes, etc. Our goal is to get you financially fit!

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    Wealth Management

    Badu Wealth Management, LLC is a wealth management company that manages wealth. We can manage your stock, bond, real estate, 401(k), and IRA accounts. Whether you're a new investor or a seasoned investor, we can help multiply your wealth.

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    Entity Formation

    Badu Entity Formation, LLC is an entity formation company that services clients in all 50 states in the U.S. We help form companies such as LLC's and Corporations. We also provide registered agent services.

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    Property Tax Appeals

    Badu Appeals, LLC provides residential and commercial property tax appeal services to homeowners and commercial property owners. The process is extremely simple: click “get started,” type in the subject property address, and a summary will be provided to you on how much savings you would receive by appealing. You can then purchase an appeal for up to five years, which has 100% money back guarantee! We currently appeal in the Cook County.


    Check out our courses below.​

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    Build Multi-Generational Wealth Tax-Free

    The Infinite Wealth course is a powerful wealth of education that allows you to build multi-generational wealth on a tax-free basis.

    The course is short, but action-packed with a wealth of knowledge! For the investment you are making in the course, you will build a tremendous amount of tax-free wealth and gain a tremendous amount of value! The course also allows you an opportunity to receive hands-on services if needed in case you need an extra hand.


    Below are some of the affiliates we work with to service our clients.

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    Business Credit Education

    Flyy Credit LLC offers business credit courses to obtain the capital you need for your business.

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    Credit Repair

    Financial Education Services is a credit repair company that helps individuals restore their credit in order to live a better life financially.

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    Business Financing

    Biz2Credit is a business financing company that offers loans and line of credit options to business owners.

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    Access to Affordable Attorneys

    Legal Shield is an asset protection firm that provides access to affordable attorneys. The company has plans available for both individuals and companies of all sizes.

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    Easy and Convenient Bank Account

    Brex offers business credit cards and cash management accounts to small businesses.

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    Property Management Tool for Landlords

    Landlord Studio goes beyond a general income and expense tracking tool and includes CPA-approved reporting, bank feeds, receipt digitization, and chart of accounts categorization.


    Below is some information about our foundation.

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    Financial Literacy

    Badu Foundation, Inc is a financial literacy foundation. Our purpose is to inspire and support the super hungry to take hold of infinite resources in order to create an abundant lifestyle. Our mission is to empower underserved communities with financial literacy education. Our vision is to create a community of abundance.


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    Phone: (773) 819-5675

    Email: baduenterprises@gmail.com

    Website: www.baduenterprises.com